Top 5 Best Mindfulness Coloring Pages and Books: Unwind with Art

by | 18 Apr, 2024

Mindfulness practices have steadily gained popularity as effective means to reduce stress and increase overall well-being. Among these practices, coloring has emerged as a surprisingly therapeutic activity.

Mindfulness coloring pages and books are specifically designed to engage the mind in a meditative state, drawing focus away from daily worries. The intricate patterns and imagery encourage a sense of calm and concentration, allowing the individual to immerse themselves fully in the moment.

With the market brimming with options, it’s vital to consider a few key aspects to find the best mindfulness coloring books. Paper quality is paramount as it affects the use of various coloring mediums, and durability.

Page design is another crucial point; patterns that are too complicated may result in frustration rather than relaxation, while those that are too simple might not hold your attention. Binding is also important, with a lay-flat design being more convenient for coloring.

As the coloring trend has continued to blossom, so has the variety of themes and styles available. This variety ensures that there’s something out there for everyone, from nature motifs to geometric designs, mandalas to animal patterns. Bearing these factors in mind, we’ve meticulously sifted through the array of choices to present our top selections that stand out for their quality, design, and overall capacity to encourage mindfulness.

Top 5 Best Mindfulness Coloring Pages and Books

We’ve combed through a vast array of coloring options to find you the crème de la crème of mindfulness coloring pages and books. Our picks promise to offer not just a chance to create beauty with every stroke but also an opportunity to find a tranquil moment for yourself in this busy world. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced colorist, we’re confident that our selection will help you cultivate peace, focus, and a dash of creativity in your daily life.

Mindfulness Coloring Wonder

We think this coloring book is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to unwind and practice mindfulness through art.


  • Stress-relieving designs that cater to adult preferences
  • Quality paper that holds up well with most coloring tools
  • Includes black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through


  • Fine details might be a challenge for those preferring larger patterns
  • Not ideal for wet media, as the pages may bleed or shred
  • Smaller fill areas may not appeal to everyone

The serenity found in the pages of this Mindfulness Coloring Book is something we truly cherish. As we flipped through the various illustrations of animals and mandalas, each stroke of our coloring pens seemed to wash away the stress of the day. The quality of the designs made our coloring experience not just relaxing but gave us room for creativity as well, perfectly balancing intricacy and simplicity.

Upon testing a range of coloring tools, we found that gel pens and colored pencils work wonders on the durable, well-crafted pages. We appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of black-backed pages that prevented any colors from spoiling the following designs. It’s clear that there’s a level of thoughtful consideration put into this book’s design.

While the intricate details are a delight for precision and detail-lovers, they can be somewhat daunting if you prefer expansive spaces to color. And if you’re enthusiastic about using markers or other wet media, this might not be the ideal book—the paper isn’t designed to withstand that kind of moisture without some bleed-through.

We recommend the Mindfulness Coloring Book For Adults as a trusty companion for destressing and calming the mind. It offers a tactile, engaging way to step back from the digital world and find a peaceful moment for yourself.

RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book


We think you’ll appreciate how the RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book offers a serene coloring experience with added self-discovery prompts.


  • The paper is thick, bleed-resistant, and gives every stroke a premium feel
  • Designs come with reflective exercises for deeper self-awareness
  • Perforated pages for easy removal and display


  • Limited variety of darker, black background designs for those who prefer them
  • Some may find the included affirmations and text space too prescriptive
  • May not suit those looking for complex, extremely detailed patterns

Engulfed in the gentle swirls and intricate patterns of the RYVE Mindfulness Coloring Book, we found ourselves lost in a calming world far from the hustle of daily life. Holding the coloring pencils felt like an extension of our creativity, with the thick paper welcoming our colors without any bleed through. Each page seemed to have its own personality, waiting to be brought to life.

The guided reflection exercises subtly nudged us towards introspection. It was a welcomed blend of meditation and artistry, encouraging moments of peace and personal growth. Coloring became less about staying within the lines and more about exploring the contours of our thoughts.

After finishing a design, the satisfaction was twofold: the pride in the colorful creation and the cathartic process it embodied. And the convenience? Simply unparalleled. The perforations allowed us to effortlessly share our work, turning a personal session into a display of expression. With this coloring book, every page felt less like a pastime and more like a chapter of our journal.

Mindfulness Patterns Coloring Book


If you’re seeking relaxation and an enjoyable way to unleash creativity, this coloring book could be a delightful choice.


  • Encourages relaxation without the pressure of completing intricate designs.
  • Simple pattern sections make it easy to choose colors.
  • Designs are unique, offering a refreshing variety from standard coloring books.


  • Not suitable for those who prefer very intricate patterns.
  • Paper quality could be better to prevent bleed-through.
  • Some may find the designs too simplistic and repetitive.

Having spent some time with the ‘Mindfulness Patterns Coloring Book’, it felt rewarding to freely add pops of color without the burden of finishing overly intricate patterns. There was an immediate sense of ease as the pen glided across the page, transforming black and white into a personal expression of calm.

It became apparent that the uniqueness of each design meant an escape from the monotony often found in other coloring books. The simple joy of selecting a segment and filling it with color brought back a playful sensation that many of us long for in our cluttered daily lives.

Yet, while the simplicity is the charm for some, others in search of more elaborate pictures might not find it as engaging. Additionally, those who prefer using markers need to be cautious, as the paper may not hold up well against bleed-through, which can be disappointing. Despite these drawbacks, ‘Mindfulness Patterns Coloring Book’ has a clear purpose: it creates a tranquil, creative space for the mind to wander, and it serves that purpose well.

Animals of the World Coloring Book


We think this coloring book is a fantastic choice for kids who love animals and need a peaceful activity.


  • Engaging animal illustrations
  • Ideal age range for skill development
  • Promotes relaxation and mindfulness


  • Limited to animals, less variety
  • Might be too simple for older children
  • Only 61 pages, may be finished quickly

Flipping through the Animals of the World Coloring Book, the first thing that caught our eye was the vivid detail in each illustration. It’s an inviting journey for children ages 4-12, meant to captivate and educate little animal lovers. The pages are not only fun but also ignite curiosity about the animal kingdom.

The aspect of mindfulness this book offers can’t be understated. As we colored, there was a noticeable calmness, likely from focusing on the peaceful scenes. It’s a soothing exercise, perfect after a busy day, helping kids unwind while honing their motor skills.

However, with 61 pages, a daily coloring routine would mean reaching the back cover relatively quickly. Although they are beautifully crafted, the animal-themed pages might not cater to all interests, and older kids could crave more complexity. Regardless, we feel the quality time spent with this book is well worth adding it to your collection.

Kids’ Mindfulness Coloring


If you’re eyeing a creative way to usher serenity into your child’s routine, this coloring book is a gem.


  • Encourages calmness and concentration
  • Durable pages with kid-friendly designs
  • Versatile for various settings and transport


  • Pages are not perforated for easy removal
  • Some designs may be complex for younger kids
  • Limited to coloring with no journaling space

My experience with the ‘Kids’ Mindfulness Coloring’ book has been remarkably positive. It’s a well-crafted tool that promotes focus and relaxation for the little ones. We’ve taken it along on numerous excursions and it’s proven to be a fantastic distraction, from car rides to park visits. The designs have captivated my nephew, urging him to fill the pages with vibrant colors. Each encounter with the book brings a new wave of tranquility.

The book’s thoughtful illustrations are varied, catering to a range of interests, ensuring that kids stay engaged. I’ve observed that the thick paper withstands enthusiastic coloring, which means no bleed-through from markers — a significant advantage. Our family moments have been accentuated with the artsy flair this activity adds.

However, it’s not without drawbacks. Although the quality of the paper is superb, the lack of perforation can be a little disappointing. My niece loves to display her artwork on the fridge, so tearing out her masterpieces neatly is a hassle. Also, some patterns are intricate, possibly posing a challenge for younger artists. It’s a minor observation, though, as it also means the book grows with the child’s skill level.

Buying Guide

When we’re looking for the best mindfulness coloring pages and books, several considerations should guide our choices. Here’s a friendly guide to help us pick the right one for our needs.

Quality of Paper

  • Thickness: Opt for thicker paper to prevent bleed-through from markers.
  • Texture: Smooth paper is best for most coloring tools; it provides an even surface.

Variety of Patterns

  • Complexity: Look for a range of complexity, from simple designs to intricate details.
  • Themes: Ensure there is diversity in themes to keep our coloring experience fresh.

Size and Portability

  • Size: Consider whether you prefer a larger book for home use or a compact version for travel.
  • Binding: Spiral bindings can be more convenient for laying the book flat.


  • Sustainability: Check if the book is printed on recycled paper or with eco-friendly inks.
  • Certifications: Recognition from environmental organizations can be a plus.

Additional Features

Perforated PagesEasy removal for display or sharing
Inspirational QuotesEnhances the mindfulness aspect
TutorialsHelps beginners with techniques and tips

Let’s consider these features and choose mindfulness coloring books and pages that best fit our relaxation and creativity needs.